United Property Buyers is a premier real estate acquisition company that’s on a mission to provide you with an enhanced one of a kind, simplified, property selling experience.

To create the fastest and most efficient selling process for property owners. The traditional real estate process is full of headaches and nonsense.  People want speed, and they want efficiency, and they want to feel appreciated and understood. They want to be taken care of.

We strive to be the absolute best at what we do. And it is part of our mission to be know for being the best in business when it comes to serving our customers.

We want you to have a unique positive experience in which your walking away saying the magic three letter word WOW.

Available Positions at United Property Buyers

Our available posts are below, If you are interested please fill out the form and send you latest CV with attached photograph

Open Jobs

1. CFO (Chief Financing Officer)
2. CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
3. Media Buyer
4. Marketing Campaign Manager
5. Videographer
6. Web Developer
7. Sales Manager
8. Appointment Setter
9.Transaction Coordinator
10. Social Media Account Administrator
11. Acquisitions Specialist
12. Dispositions Specialist
13. Outside Sales Reps
14. Underwriting Director
15. Data Scientist
16. R&D (Research and Development) Team Member
17. HR Manager
18. Administrator

Send Us Your Mail

 If you are interested please send your resume and a 60 second video of why you’d be a great fit and an asset to United Property Buyers:

[email protected]