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What Types of Buyers Do You Normally Deal With?
We work directly with homeowners that are in difficult situations that need to sell their property, quickly. We’re experts at helping people move fast all the way from start to finish.

We help people who:

  • Are dealing with an inherited property
  • Are close to going to foreclosure
  • Are going through divorce
  • Are dealing with problem renters
  • Are dealing with the pain of paying two mortgages
  • Are dealing with trouble paying their tax bills
  • Are tired of making repairs and updates to their property
  • Are trying to move because of job transfer
What is the Process For Buying My House?

Our job is to make this as simple as possible for you:

  1. GIVE US A QUICK CALL TO SCHEDULE A VISIT TO YOUR PROPERTY. — Call us at 248-282-6441 and we will set up a convenient time to come see your property.
  2. WE WILL GIVE YOU A CASH OFFER — A United Property Buyer Professional will come visit you and they will evaluate the property on the spot. You will receive a strong cash offer which will help you move on from the property.
  3. CLOSE WHENEVER YOU WANT — We will close all at your own pace. Whenever is good for you, is good for us!
How Do You Come Up With My Cash Offer?

We have been in the real estate industry since 1985 — That’s over 30 years! If there’s one thing we know, it’s Real Estate. We will take our time and analyze the market to give you a very strong offer that will help you get out from your current situation. Here is what we look at:

  • Current condition of house.
  • Repair estimates to be done.
  • The time it will take to update the property.
  • Holding costs and commissions to be paid to realtors.

The approximate future value of your property, minus our renovation and holding costs will help us determine the cash offer we will give you.

Who Pays Closing Costs?
We normally pay closing costs. You will simply answer a few questions about the property, schedule a visit with us, get your cash offer, and you’re all set. It’s really that easy and fast — Our goal is to take the “headache” out of the process and leave you in a position where you can move on quickly.
What Kind of Offer Can I Expect?
In order for our team to make you an offer, we will need to ask you some basic questions about the property. Then, we will need to schedule a visit so we can perform a property analysis and get a good idea of what type of possible repairs/updates the property needs. Once we have all of our information, we will make you a strong cash offer within 24 hours or less. Keep in mind, we’re investors – So, we will need to factor in the cost of repairing/updating your property, while still having a little bit of room for us. However, keep in mind:

  • You will not have to pay any expensive realtor commissions
  • You will receive CASH for your house
  • You will not pay any closing costs
  • You will be able to simply leave your property “as is” without making any repairs or updates to the property
  • You will be dealing with trusted real estate professionals that will make this process as quick and painless as possible.
  • We will close on your own timeline
When is the Fastest We Can Close?
We can close on your schedule. If you need a fast closing, that’s ok with us. If you need some more time, that’s ok too.
Do you Buy Condos, Townhomes, Buildings, etc?
Of course! We are open to buying all sorts of properties.
Will You Charge Me For Coming to My House to Make an Offer?
No! We will come to your property for free — No need to worry about charges or fees.
Will You Buy my Mobile Home?
Unfortunately, we do not buy mobile homes.
Can I Call You If I Have Other Questions?
Yes! Here is our phone number: 248-282-6441

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