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How to Sell Your Property as an Absentee Owner


The factors to be considered when selling a vacant property are different from that of selling an occupied house. This article will help you understand the meaning of an absentee owner, reasons a property can become vacant, and how to sell your vacant property real quick.


Who is an absentee owner?

Absentee owners are those who own properties that they do not live in or actively managed. They are owners who are absent from their property for one reason or the other. At times, a property becomes vacant unexpectedly, and the owner becomes an absentee owner.


Reasons why properties become vacant

A house can become vacant for several reasons, and certain circumstances may require you to sell your vacant house quickly. Some of the reasons why properties become vacant include:

  • The seller has moved to a new house – Usually, homeowners will move to a new house before selling their old property. Hence, the old house becomes vacant.
  • Vacant Rental Property – A property can also become vacant when the tenant occupying the house moves out of it.
  • Newly constructed property – A newly constructed house will stay on the market vacant until it is bought or rented.


Risks associated with leaving your property vacant

Leaving your property vacant for a long time is risky. Absentee owners often prefer to sell their property rather than leave it vacant because of the problems associated with vacant properties. Some of the dangers of leaving your property vacant include:

·      Attracts criminals – Thieves, vandals, and other criminals are often attracted to vacant properties since they are usually without adequate security.

·      Becomes squatters home – Homeless people are always on the lookout for vacant properties. If your house becomes vacant for a long time, squatters can turn it into their home and cause significant damage to your property over time.

·      Property damage due to neglect – Even though a house is vacant, there is still a need for regular or intermittent maintenance. Issues that would have been fixed if the property is occupied will be left to escalate into bigger issues. Without regular maintenance, a vacant property may be susceptible to weather, fire, or water damage. According to a report by FEMA, vacant residential property fire (23,800 houses) accounts for 6% of the total residential building fires in the U.S.

How to sell your vacant property real quick

Selling your vacant property may be the best way of preventing your vacant property from becoming a liability. If you want to sell your vacant house real quick, you should contact reliable property buyers that will offer you a good price and pay you cash immediately.

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