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United Property buys your house fast for cash.

About Us

United Property Buyers is a premier real estate acquisition company that’s on a mission to provide you with an enhanced, one of a kind, simplified, property selling experience.

Our goal is to create the fastest and most efficient selling process for property owners. The traditional real estate process is full of headaches and nonsense. People want speed, efficiency, and they want to feel appreciated and understood. They want to be taken care of.

We strive to be the absolute best at what we do. And it’s part of our mission to be know for being the best in business when it comes to serving our clients.

We want you to have a unique, positive experience in which you’re walking away saying the magic three letter word “WOW!”.

One of the biggest problems we see is the terrible experience the majority of clients are left with after working with a cash for home company. We are focused on fixing that by setting a new standard for how the clients is treated.

With 19+ years of industry expertise, we have seen it all. We know the pain and frustration selling your property can cause. We do everything we can to make it a lot less stressful for you.

We understand what you go through every day. Whether it’s going through a divorce, a recent death in the family, or falling behind on mortgage payments, we’ve been through it all. Our team of property specialists are trained and take the time to listen, evaluate, and understand your circumstance. Our success is defined by the quality of experience that you have working with us. Reach out to us and receive your FREE, no obligation cash offer today.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to provide you with an enhanced one of a kind, simplified, property selling experience. To assist you in making the best possible decision for yourself and your family.

Our Vision

To be the largest, most reliable go-to property acquisition company in the country. To create the fastest, most efficient, and simplified process for property sellers. We want to be know for being the best in business when it comes to serving our clients. We want to create a unique one of a kind experience in which we can WOW our sellers.

Contact Us To Sell

Ready to sell your property? Dial 248-282-6441 to schedule a call with our team of property experts.

Sell Your House

Using our United Home Assessment Formula we are able to simplify the process and can get you a competitive offer within just 6 minutes.

Cash In

After our assessment is complete, we simply sign some paperwork, schedule the closing, and you get paid. It’s that easy.

We Understand Your Situation

Whether it’s a divorce you’re struggling with, or a financial crisis that’s on your mind. The team at United Property Buyers understands what you’re going through during these challenging times and can provide you with a swift and easy way to sell your house for cash using our United Home Assessment formula.

We’re motivated to help you out of your situation whatever it may be.  You Don’t have to stress another minute about, what your going to do or where your going to come up with thousands of dollars to get the property retail ready.  Simply reach out to us and receive your FREE competitive cash offer today.

A Process That Works

We have spent a lot of time and energy to help make a difference in the real estate industry with our exceptional service. We continuously work to refine our process so that your having exceptional service. Our dedication to our mission and vision empowers us to work harder everyday to serve your needs and solve your problems, whether you’re going through a really rough phase in your life or a bumpy ride that’s shaking up your finances, or your just looking to finally settle down and retire. We want you to feel confident you made the best decision possible when working with United Property Buyers.