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Are you looking for a way to sell your home?

At some point in their life or another, most people deal with having to make the decision to sell their home or an inherited property. More often than not, this is the time when you become overwhelmed with worries and concern. You start feeling the pressure of making a decision with what to do to sell your house. Do you repair it and sell it the traditional way with an agent? Do you sell it as a FSBO? Who do you go with? Maybe your time is very limited because you’re going through a foreclosure or you just inherited a house. Maybe you’re in a situation where you need cash fast for your property because you want to save your credit and you just cant wait the traditional 6+ month process it can take.

Since you already have a fair share of responsibilities on your plate, United Property Buyers is here to help! We are the premier go-to company when you you say I need to “sell My House” In Michigan, Florida, Georgia, or anywhere nationwide. Buying Properties and Selling homes is our specialty and we strive to help you out of your current situation. Our Property acquisition experts buy your house for cash eliminating real estate agents, real estate commissions, and all kinds of middlemen.

How Can We Help?

During our years of extensive research, surveying thousands of home sellers on the conventional property selling process, we found it to be quite confusing and very overwhelming for the ordinary person to sell or purchase a house. Not everybody knows the highs and lows to selling a house. So, part of our Mission is to simplify and enhance the sellers experience. Using our state-of-the-art methods and unique specialized approach, we look to provide a premier top tier experience every time, regardless of your current situation. Reach out to one our property experts today and let’s get you on the right path to selling your property.

Are you going through a Unique Situation?

All you have to do is give us a call to get the ball rolling and we promise to take care of the rest. Our team of professionals at United Property Buyers are trained and ready to help you get through even the toughest challenges you’re facing today.  We’ve seen it all, we’ve dealt with it all. We are confident we can assist you in your situation too.

Going Through Divorce

Tax Issues

Inherited House

Problem Renters

Near Foreclosure

Job Transfer


Vacant Property

Too Many Repairs

Get An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

We’ve got you covered – Our team of property acquisition specialists at United Property Buyers provide the most competitive cash offers in the marketplace. Have the confidence of knowing that you’re not paying overpriced real estate commissions to real estate brokers and agents. Sell your house directly to us for cash. Rest assured, we’ll give you an offer that you won’t be able to refuse. Fill out your details below and one of our experts will reach out to you to schedule a property assessment.

We Buy Houses with Our Easy 3-Step Home Buying Process

Has life recently been tough for you? Have you been through a divorce or paying two mortgages? Maybe dealing with a death in the family or some unwanted financial burden?  We promise to make this as easy and painless for you as possible, by using our effective 3-step process, selling your house becomes as simple as a conversation. Our property acquisition experience has been designed to ensure you get the dedication and time you need to sell your property.

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Once your assessment is completed and you have received your offer, the last thing you do is sign paperwork and leave the rest to us. We will schedule the closing and get you paid!

We know that when it comes to selling your home its a very serious matter. It can also become a very stressful one depending on your situation. We want you to walk away with the best experience possible.  We strive to be the number one trusted and reliable house buying company in the nation. And we do that by solving your problem and helping you get a fresh start. We not only believe in transparency, but also instill a sense of confidence that you’re making the best decision.